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Do Your Own Thing


At Do Your Own Thing the VJ are working on new visuals with the Green screen for the next Do Your Own Thing Session


There was puffing and wooling for the first time at Do Your Own Thing it was instant success puffing and wooling is a project that came from Tilley Milburn and Catherine Dunne

Where you can go into a space and relax and de stress


There was a final rehearsal for Electric fire for their gig with LSO. Eclectic fire got asked to do a gig with the London Symphony Orchestra (The London Symphony Orchestra performs over 120 concerts a year and was named by Gramophone as one of the top five orchestras in the world )


The music group worked with Ned and Dave on a new song called Who in the room.



We had 26 young people that came to Do Your Own Thing


We celebrate Alicia birthday


Here are some photos

IMG_0008.jpg IMG_0011CnfUbTmXgAEmEhY.jpgCnfQcMNW8AA8fty.jpgCnfcE23WcAEVXA7.jpg

Squidz Club 20th May 2016

It was that time of year again. It was time for the first Squidz Club of 2016!!!!. We were excited to have  Ryan O’Donovan, Electric Fire, the DYOT music group  in the Jamaica Town Stage.

We had a new game in the games room which was designed by the VJ from DYOT called face invaders.

We had in the chill out room Puffing & Wooling run by Tilley Milburn & Catherine Dunne.

There was a performance By Robin Hill as Gunter signing in the navy by the Village people.

We said goodbye to Sam Walker and Kieran Bell because they had moved on from DYOT to Allsorts.

Here are some of the pictures from the night.



from Ono Dafedjaiye

Taking Part Assistant










    Del and I saw three pieces of work ourselves, we did not have much extra time to see more, but we feel that we managed to get a really good feel for the breadth of Art that could be possible when showcased in a place that allows the flexibility for true creativity and boundary pushing. It is hard to decide on a favourite piece when they were so equally varied and skilfully executed, one of them contained our “H&S” Friends/Fellow Artists Chris, Hayley and Will anyhow.

    “FOX SYMPHONY” with Isolde Godfrey of “Foxy & Husk” really got me as I kept trying to work out what she personally felt, “WHO IS THE REAL ISOLDE/FOXY?”……… The thing is to be quite honest I am not easily impressed by mere Lip Syncing, but “Fox Symphony” was SO IMPRESSIVE TO ME! Godfrey knows how to play the Keyboard, Edit, Style herself, Dance, Silent Act, Design, Engage, EVERYTHING WAS THOUGHT ABOUT TO THE MINUTEST DETAIL and her Characterisations were completely on the money. The tiny gestures and mannerisms of each person were picked up on and portrayed so sensitively (definitely not caricatured), and the song choices were appropriate for THE SUBJECT OF CLASS and added just the right amount of humour to proceedings.

    We then saw a piece by David Sheppeard titled “HARD GRAFT”, which was quite heartfelt and compelling! The spelling of his Surname rather unusual as his family were illiterate in the not so distant past, as he himself admitted, not unlike “FOX SYMPHONY” eluding to THE CLASS SYSTEM and the distinct lack of opportunities available for those who were poorer and much less well educated. Now considering himself to be MIDDLE CLASS David felt distanced from his Father, he wanted to try to understand why?!?!…………… I think if we are honest we’re all striving to understand exactly where we come from and who we are. A lot of the time having a close relationship with your Mother and Father helps you to distinguish yourself, otherwise we are left bewildered and deflated, WE ALL NEED TO FEEL LOVED AND ACCEPTED AND AS THOUGH WE KNOW OUR TRUE SELVES AND WHERE WE ARE GOING IN OUR LIVES. Del and I really resonated with David’s JOURNEY OF SELF DISCOVERY, his pursuit to know more about his Father and in turn, hisself, it was impossible not to feel moved and captivated by his Performance (like a long piece of Spoken Word).

    The FINALE just had to be from THE INCREDIBLE ENERGY THAT IS CHRIS COLLINS, THE DEEP & DRAMATIC WILL DICKIE and THE BEAUTY AND CHARM OF HAYLEY, it was of course “THE RAVE SPACE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HYPNOTIC AND ENCHANTING, Del and I felt that from beginning to end, it was like we were caught in some kind of a WHIRLWIND! Not sure what it was, it is almost beyond description, I can only think of adjectives, like EUPHORIC, ENGAGING, THOUGHT PROVOKING, FUNKY, COOL, INSPIRATIONAL, OTHER WORDLY. It cleverly took you back in the day to when THE RAVE SCENE really began and yet also spoke of Religion and Childhood, the influence that Music and your background can have over you and your future and how both Music and Religion can unite and enthral us. Chris, Hayley and Will worked together seamlessly, combining their own UNIQUE POWERS OF PERFORMANCE ART to involve the Audience throughout. You could be feeling a little unnerved for one moment and then excited and special in the next. At the very least it got………………..


GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    “PUFFING & WOOLING” is, as you should already know, something that I incorporate into my daily routine (for a minimum of ten minutes up to full blown DUVET DAYS) as I happen to think I deserve and need it in order to feel well and contented enough to be able to keep doing what I love and all the other things that are necessary in my life (BE A BUSY BEE!). Taking it to “BUZZCUT”, a fully inclusive Festival in Govan (Glasgow) for Performance Art in all it’s glorious manifestations was such a spectacularly uplifting and crucially important experience for us, as Artists YES but also as a lady with her BELOVED PATCHWORK PIGGIE who just lives for the chance to see more of the World, meet interesting and open minded individuals and appreciate Art, FULL STOP! Tried and tested though our Recipe (or whatever you wish to call it) is EVERY VENUE AND AUDIENCE IS COMPLETELY AND UNEXPECTEDLY DIFFERENT SO THERE WERE NO ABSOLUTE GUARANTEES for how much we would be understood, yet alone liked. 

    I had been looking through the Online Brochure beforehand, not word for word but I had a pretty good initial idea of the types of Performances that would be taking place and I was sort of wondering how “PUFFING & WOOLING” would fit?!?!………….. Our Performance seemed to be a million miles away from most of them, for a start no disrespect, we are not nude and gyrating about nor are we trying to prove a particular and complex point by causing deliberate harm to ourselves, for performance sake. I respect all Art, therefore I respect all Artists, I know Rosana Cade not too well but well enough to know of her integrity and intelligence, but I just wondered whether it was necessary to make myself feel pain or shame in front of an Audience?!?!……. When I come up with an idea I first and foremost want people who come to see/hear me to have a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE, PERHAPS LEARN SOMETHING NEW AND FEEL AT EASE, I WANT THEM TO BE INVOLVED, TRULY, I LOVE FOR IT TO BE LESS ABOUT ME AND MORE ABOUT THEM. 

    The “ALEX FERGUSON SUITE” did not disappoint as it felt warm and cosy without feeling too pokey and as though you were overheating within minutes (like in “THE PIGGIE POWDER ROOM”!), it was THE PERFECT BLANK CANVAS for all of our different Blankets, Throws, Cushions, Lamps, LED Candles, Soft Toys, YOU NAME IT. Some were my very own, I LOVE ALL THINGS VINTAGE/RETRO/GRANNY CHIC so I have some real Knitted/Crocheted Treasures, many were from THOSE CAVERNOUS CONTAINERS OF “Heart ‘n’ Soul’s” and THE “BUZZCUT” COMMUNITY DID NOT LET US DOWN, neither! But cliched as it sounds, I know, the small Pre-booked Groups of up to ten people that entered our ALADDIN’s CAVE OF RELAXATION, THEY WERE THE TRUE STARS IN MY EYES, without them it is nice enough. I mean I can happily “PUFF & WOOL” by myself, with Del and Catherine’s help, but it can not be taken to the next level or three if we have no interested parties.

    It dawns on me that this so called attempting to be a “To The Point” Email is now becoming something of a “War and Peace” Novel so I will start to summarise, DEEP BREATHS, HERE GOES…………………..

…………………….. Talking of DEEP BREATHING there was a lot of closing eyes, deep breaths to the count of three, listening and sharing, and not just on mine and Catherine’s part. Some people were sooo focussed on building their AMAZING BEYOND A COMMUNAL GARDEN DEN DENS, others virtually did not move for the entire almost full hour yet stayed alert, some fell into the most deep of slumbers whilst in blissful dreams (and then had no recollection of their Dream~ Will Dickie, LOL!). Occasionally over THE RATHER SPECIAL SOUNDTRACK that was created by myself, Phoebe GPIG, Shalim Ali and Richard Phoenix (which one lady asked how she could purchase it, COOL OR WHAT?!) SNORING COULD BE HEARD (in particular I remember Chris Collins being rather audible, BLESS HIM!) as well as full blown DEBATES. It seems that for some people PEACE AND QUIET MEANT LOTS OF CHATTING AND OPENING UP TO STRANGERS, BUT WHO ARE WE TO CRITICISE, FOR US IT WAS THE SHEER VARIETY OF WAYS THAT THE FESTIVAL PEEPS RESPONDED TO THE ENVIRONMENT THAT WE HAD CREATED FOR THEM, PUT IT THIS WAY THERE WAS NEVER A DULL MOMENT!

    At one point I almost burst out laughing when I noticed that about four people had gone to sleep in the Room and I had left them snoozing for over twenty minutes, they must have needed it that’s for sure, FESTIVALS CAN BE EXHAUSTING AFTER ALL, but anyway IT SUDDENLY BECAME APPARENT HOW INCREDIBLY SURREAL THE WHOLE THING WAS, MY LIFE IS SOMETIMES MORE LIKE A WEIRD FAIRYTALE MOVIE STORY TO ME,

 IT FEELS UNREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

BUT I AM NOT COMPLAINING, OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There were so many HIGHLIGHTS FOR DEL AND I, from having FRY UPS THREE DAYS IN A BLOODY ROW (Del was not too delighted by this unsurprisingly, nor was it great for 

MY IBS!), to getting to know lovely people like Hayley (as we had not met properly before), meeting Matthew Kennedy from Twitter and his INSPIRATIONAL MOTHER, going on the Glasgow Subway and walking through that beautiful Park. Playing Games like that one where you had to guess as many of WHATEVER as you can, I WAS TOTALLY AWESOME AT DOG BREEDS, I WONDER WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Working with Catherine Dunne, WE ALWAYS LOVE IT, SHE MAKES IT SO EFFORTLESS AND PLEASURABLE FOR ME, she goes beyond the call for us too! I am no good at organising anything and this Trip was no exception, I ALWAYS NEED UMPTEEN NEWSLETTERS BUT THEN I PUT THEM IN SEVERAL DRAWERS NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN, LOL. Ugne helped me compile a list of ESSENTIAL ITEMS to be packed, she even designs and produces a BESPOKE DIARY FOR ME, and I have to confess that I am still just as hopeless at actually checking it regularly, sorry to say! I managed to get the borrowed Suitcase packed, ready and waiting in the FAMOUS “H&S” OFFICE by the day before we were due to be leaving, no mean feat when MY POOR MUMMY BEAR HAS NOT BEEN AROUND FOR OVER A MONTH, I REALLY MISS AND NEED HER LOVE AND SUPPORT (she is recovering from Operations on one of her Hands)! I want to say THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN FOR ALL THAT YOU DO TO SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGE DEL AND I, ALL OF YOU DO SO MUCH FOR US AND ALL THE OTHER ARTISTS/PARTICIPANTS, BLESS YOUR PUFFY HEARTS AND SOULS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The TRAIN JOURNEY was largely uneventful both there and back, it was long but peaceful (on the return journey anyhow). The scenery is iconic, very hilly with loads of Sheep all around and a massive Wind Farm, a pretty pleasant experience just looking out of the windows. The weather was quite mild and bright so we were lucky there and the Virgin Trains are quite smart and clean, certainly compared with a Southeastern Commuter equivalent. On the way there we were all hyped up in anticipation of what was to come over those next three days. It was quite packed and noisy for the first half of our journey but we were undaunted as all six of us were equally as excited and vocal about it. 

    I had a rather delicious Nutella Skinnyshake from Ed’s Easy Diner (TO TAKEAWAY) which might have contributed to my high spirits, anyway I only brought a bottle of Water and a bag of Red/White Grapes onto the Train with me WHICH WAS A MISTAKE as I rapidly felt hungry and agitated about taking my Pregabalin Medication on time! Catherine once again rescued me as I had no cash drawn out and the Card Machine was playing up. You see there is an onboard Shop of a sort but UNLESS YOU ARE SATISFIED WITH THOSE GENERAL JUNK FOOD OPTIONS OR A LIMITED SELECTION OF PRE PACKED SANDWICHES, yeah what about a MICROWAVEABLE BURGER, WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get the picture, it is surprising how attractive those options become when faced with no other options, I OPTED FOR A 4 FINGERED KITKAT, A PACKET OF FANCY SCOTTISH CHEESE & ONION CRISPS AND A PACKET OF MINI CHEDDARS, OMG, WHICH CAME TO OVER £3, FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I attempted to pay twice with my Halifax Debit Card and to no avail, Catherine even danced just outside of the Shop with the Card Reader, BLESS HER, much to our amusement! In the end the Staff Members let us off paying, phew, so JUNKY HEAVEN WAS HAD, TABLET No.3 TAKEN JUST IN TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NEWS FLASH, IT HAS TO BE A MOMENTOUS OCCASION TO NOTE, I HAVE FINALLY LEARNED TO KNIT, USING JUST MY FINGERS, WHO’D HAVE THOUGHT IT, HEY?!?!?!?!………………………. To be honest I have not tried it again since so I do hope I will not have forgotten what to do already but I spent a good hour having a go (as we grew ever closer towards Euston) with THE AMAZING EMILY PAIN SHOWING ME STEP BY STEP, SHE IS A BLONDE BOMBSHELL OF ANGELICNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS NOT WELL NAMED AS SHE IS AS FAR AWAY FROM PAINFUL AS ONE CAN EVER POSSIBLY GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I guess this is “BUZZCUT” (2016) ALL WRAPPED UP, I can clearly see the relief on your faces as you have finally reached the FINISH LINE OF MY EVER SO LONG EMAILED BLOGPOST OF MINE AND DEL’s EXPERIENCES OF YOU GUESSED IT, 

BRILLIANT “BUZZCUT”!……………………………………………………………………………………………….

Goodbye for now and take care,

LOVE ALWAYS, FROM:~ Tilley Hughes/Milburn (Artist)

4Buzz16_Tilley and Del_Puffing and Wooling_010.jpg

Being learning disabled in the arts and media: what representation really means

We’re really excited to introduce a guest blog from artist and filmmaker Matthew Kennedy. Check out his blog here. And now, over to Matthew! 

As a young person I never really internalized or questioned what it was like to have learning difficulties, maybe it was just down to the fact that I wanted to be a productive member of society and get on with my education, because I felt like I needed to be worthy of my education I suppose… Now that i’m 23 coming up for 24 I feel that I have a more articulate and mature perspective on my younger years, now that I am older I can try and articulate why as a young person with learning difficulties it was difficult to try and navigate not just school situations but social situations as well.

For a while within primary education I was trying to figure out what were my favourite subjects, It wasn’t until that I entered secondary school I knew what subjects I liked. My favourite subjects were Art and English a part from that I never really showed much interest in any other subjects. While I was still in secondary school I went to a drama workshop that was situated near the Trongate part of town, I didn’t really know what to expect, but once I got there I was greeted by various people around about my age I was about 15 or 16 at the time. The only activities I seem to remember from that workshop were various movement exercises we did as a group. I also remember doing practice rehearsals with the group for our upcoming performance at ‘The Glasgow Mela’ that year. We also did further rehearsals for a final performance in our space for friends and family, our group name was ‘Da Eyes of Youth’.

Being in that group and being in that space I suppose gave me my first real boost of confidence in terms of me having to work and communicate with people with non learning disabilities, before that I was painfully shy and not really good at communicating in groups. After finishing the drama workshop and performances I decided that drama or acting wasn’t where my creative passion lay, I felt like I needed more time to discover what my actual creative interests were so I decided to continue on with education. It wouldn’t be until 4 or 5 years later that I re-connected with art by doing various collages, doing this I felt like I was falling in love with creativity again. Coming back to making art and re-gaining an interest in it was really important for me in terms of my confidence and determination. With this new found confidence I managed to take part in a group art exhibition called I AM ART…, which was really exciting as it was a first for me. The curator of the exhibition Garry Mac was spending time with the artists who were showing at the exhibition, and while chatting I told him the piece I was planning to show had a short film to go with it, Garry asked if I would show the film alongside the collage and this is how the gap in my creativity was filled. Little did I know that the little toy camcorder I got from Toys ‘R’ Us for £21 would kickstart my filmmaking, My twin brother Andrew helped me with filming my first short film ‘What Is Femme Anyway?’ so he was a natural choice to help me with my second short film which was to be titled ‘Just Me’. The film was an autobiographical piece about being a queer identified person and being learning disabled. It seems I have passion in equal measures for my collage artwork and my short films and feel no need for pressure to choose between either.

I sent ‘Just Me’ to Project Ability’s ‘Young Talent on Screen Film Festival’, the film was chosen by the judging panel and put forward for the festival, the screening itself was at the Glasgow Film Theatre, this was to be the film’s debut screening. Myself and the other filmmakers involved were surprised to hear there was going to be some awards given, as well as a Q&A session after the films were shown. On the day the film theatre was packed with members of Project Ability, friends and family of the filmmakers as well as special guests who would be giving out the awards. I remember being really nervous, as I had never done a Q&A session before, but once I started to talk about who had inspired me to start filmmaking my nerves started to calm. The festival itself was a very personal space where I feel all the filmmakers found it easy to share thoughts on their films and the processes involved in getting them onto the film screen, all in all the festival was a great experience for all the filmmakers involved including myself, as I saw how many others like myself were out there, trying, like me to have their voices heard.

When I applied to the film festival, it was actually the first time I had heard of Project Ability, I felt a little disappointed that I hadn’t heard of them sooner. Project Ability are an arts organization that works with people with learning disabilities and mental health issues, since finding out about them and entering their festival, i’ve been working on a new project, it has been a work in progress since last summer, during that summer I worked alongside some of the filmmakers who were at the festival, and was asked to do a small presentation at Project Ability on experimental films and filmmakers that I was interested in for the other filmmakers to watch.

This became an exciting opportunity for me to showcase some of the brilliant filmmakers that I had come to greatly admire and respect,I started my presentation by giving the names of the filmmakers I would be showing, these included Margaret Tait, Maya Deren and Vivienne Dick as well as giving brief intros to the clips I had chosen. When the screening had ended, I had a brief talk with the filmmakers about the clips they had watched. After this I was approached by one of the other filmmakers, who wanted to know about one of the clips he had seen the piece was by Vivienne Dick, I gave him her name hoping that he would be as inspired by her as I was.

Looking back on the presentation I was really pleased to have been asked to do it, not just because of my own interest in experimental film but because I was given a chance to share a space with other learning disabled filmmakers, something i hadn’t been able to do before, I am hopeful that now it has happened once, it will happen again. I felt that as filmmaker I had a creative responsibility to bring the subject of experimental film into that space and to my fellow filmmakers. I’m so glad that Project Ability exists as an organization for the learning disabled community as it gives us a creative voice within the arts, it is also a space where learning disabled artists can come together as a community and express themselves through their art.

Organizations like Heart n Soul (London), Carousel (Brighton), Constant Flux (London), Tutti (Australia) and others are also bringing creative representation to the learning disabled communities. These mentioned organizations have helped people realise their creative potential by putting live music events for musicians and bands and film festivals, like Oska Bright Film Festival, The Blue Camel Club, The Squidz Club, Sit Down Shut Up Film and New Media Festival among others. In terms of media representation, media outlets like BBC and The Guardian have touched upon the creativity of the learning disabled arts community, by doing articles on musicians and bands like The Fish Police, Lizzie Emeh and The Sisters of Invention.

Also very recently a band from Finland called Pertti Kurikan Nimipaivat have had some media exposure when they announced they were going to compete for a place representing Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest, They managed to make it past the regional stages to the finale stage by public vote, and although they didn’t win, they’ve managed to build a following by releasing their own music, touring and a documentary film on the band titled ‘The Punk Syndrome’. It just goes to show that within the past few years that the media and creative organizations have started to show support for the learning disabled community, that they and arts organizations are recognizing that we as a community have a creative voice and that voice shall not go unheard.

January Do Your Own Thing

January Do Your Own Thing

This month there was all change at the Do Your Own Thing session!

The girls took over the DJ session which gave the girls something new to try while they boys got busy with some different activities.

There was a future development in the Pop the balloon film.

Ariel made a new character called Love Panda – ooo!

The Do Your Own Thing Music group made up a new song, the name is yet to come!

Here is a video to show what the people from Do Your Own Thing have been up to.

David Bowie spoke for us too….

Hello this is Robyn I’m visiting the Heart n Soul blog and this is what I have to say…
Last Thursday I came to help at Allsorts, they have differnt workshops where people can choose, one was about culture through poetry and someone wrote “we don’t go to a day centre we go to a theatre” that sums up Heart n Soul , it is geared for people with disabilities particuarlly learning disabilities, but the word disability sounds kind of out of place almost ridiculous.  Because people that come to Heart n Soul are artists, not in a tokenist way – there are musicians from Heart n Soul playing all over London and artists contributing to projects like STRIKE! magazine all along side non disabled artists equally.
I was asked if I’d like to help beacuse at the Beautiful Octopus club in September( when Heart n Soul take over the Royal Festival Hall for a night) I learnt to screen print, then I signed up to a workshop  a couple of weeks later and did my own design and sold them for £20 ( sold out in 3 days contrary to what my Dad thought) and now I have helped other people do their own design.
Anyway what I really wanted to say was I meet this Artist called Louise who made a cool David Bowie T shirt at Allsorts.
I was very sad about David Bowie dying, whilst I didn’t know him personally he acted as an example to everyone that it’s ok to be different, but in the media its not everyone is it? Lots of people have discussed gay and trans rights/acceptance as things Bowie contributed to, but as a disabled person I feel left out and unheard.
I think it’s important you know that many disabled people had their lives touched by Bowie. One part of success as a disabled person is to carry yourself with confidence and no shame, I mean walking down the street taking your space and not feeling like you should shrink away  or feel ashamed. Many disabled people suffer bullying and live very lonely lives but it doesn’t have to be like that but we all have to work together. If we do we can see more artists like Louise’s work ( see photo, is your day better for seeing it? – mine is!)
A lot of artists use discriminatory words out of ignorance or to cause offence but Bowie just embraced people.
I heard him at the Royal Albert Hall in 2006 I’m glad I did, I felt like he spoke to me. Rebel Rebel and Star Man feel like the songs I relate to most, maybe if you knew how me and others like me thought we would blow your minds.image1

Looking back at SoundLab PlaySpace

On Wednesday 25 November 2015, we ran a digital music-making project in collaboration with Goldsmiths and Public Domain Corporation. The event took place at Nesta in central London and offered the chance to explore the latest digital music-making technology.


On the day, there were different music-making areas available for people to try out the latest cutting-edge technologies and to talk with the experts that created them.

There was an amazing performance from Heart n Soul’s very own Electric Fire, and a digital pop-up band where you could jam with your own friends and create your own cool tunes.

There was also there was a whole room full of fantastic music making apps and visitors were able to take some of the apps home for free.

Overall, it was a hectic, digital-tastic day and we had a lot of fun experiencing some of the new technology of the future! Read this article written by Kitty Knowles as she explains what SoundLab PlaySpace meant to her.

Plus! Check out this video from the day and see what it was all about.

December Do Your Own Thing

In December Do Your Own Thing we said goodbye to Nathan, we gave him a send off worthy of a superstar with a photomontage.

We also filmed the long awaited film called Pop the balloon, made Christmas designs and had a Christmas Party with Ned dancing.

Here are some of the photos and a video from December Do Your Own Thing so you can see what we have been up to.

From Ono

Natahan.jpg arts.jpg Pop.jpgOMG Cola.jpg





November DYOT ,Music and Squidz prep


In the November Do Your Own Thing we heard music from William, Kieran and Kishaun, the future rap stars.

We also have a new boy band in the making called DYOT Squared, the band members are Ariel, Alexi, Shades, Robin and Tom. They did their own amazing version of YMCA.

Some of the young people were also making design for the Squidz Club.

Here is the photo and a video from November Do Your Own Thing to show you exactly what they got up to. Enjoy!

Muisic group.jpg     DYOT SQUARED .jpgPaul.jpg

From Ono

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